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BenterMedia is a new venture that specializes in complete marketing for the digital age. We offer a full spectrum of web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), public relations & press, and blog to social media services, each of which is customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to attract new clients, optimize your website, generate more leads, or help convert current prospects, we put the focus on your goals. Our experts will help you get targeted clients, gain visibility, improve your reputation, and grow your customer-base, all with low maintenance at a fixed cost. We know you want the best services, unified and looking amazing, to represent your business and that is exactly what we deliver.

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After successfully launching and growing multiple, service-based businesses, colleagues began soliciting us for the “ secret sauce ” behind our growth. These requests taught us that without a unified solution businesses lacked the credibility that today’s customers demand. Only the right combination of professional Web, Press, and Social would give these businesses the credibility that they needed to expand. BenterMedia was born to do just that.

We are based on the belief that good marketing isn’t just about a single great competency or campaign, but is instead about a complete professional message through every interaction with your potential clients. The world has evolved, and people have changed how they live, work, and shop. However, most businesses don’t keep up with the multitude of ways their clients are connecting with them and it only takes one bad experience to lose a client.

Since founding, we’ve been helping numerous companies to attract, engage, and delight their customers by delivering customized, comprehensive, and relevant experiences across Web, Press, and Social Media. Our passion and commitment helped us evolve from humble beginnings to now serving an ever-growing base of clients.

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At the core of BenterMedia is a team of experienced business owners, web developers, and PR and Social Media experts all unified to support your project manager. We are a fully diversified team, meaning that you’ll get the full range of services in every package from us. We have many years of digital marketing experience under our belts, and we love providing outstanding results for clients big and small. Our extensive knowledge and passion are visible in the services we provide, the support we offer, and our commitment to high professional standards.

We are working very hard to improve our services and to help your business reach its true potential. Tell us what you want to achieve and our business analyst with work with your project manager to achieve it.

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