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Digital media has reshaped how people consume information, research brands, and make purchasing decisions. The world is continuously changing, and it’s paramount that your public relations strategy keeps up with the pace. Traditional public relations techniques, when combined with digital strategies, can turn into an effective tool for building visibility and credibility. We will do everything we can to get the media to notice you and feature your story on the local and even national news outlets. We know how important it is to have customers find you so we will do our best to ensure a trail of backlinks from relevant blogs and major online magazines leads to your company which adds to the positive effect created by the other services BenterMedia provides. We will write and optimize every press release with keywords that journalists use to search for information about your industry and make sure you highlight these positive mentions for valuable third party credibility.

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Press Release:

Half of getting brand recognition is getting news about you in front of as many people as possible. In that vein, a press release helps get out your message and get some good media coverage. This old public relation tool can increase brand awareness, build credibility, sell your product, and ultimately propel your business to greatness.

Our mission is to help you get the word out about your company, product, or service. We will do everything we can to write press releases so good and engaging that they’ll be picked up by major publications, such as Forbes, Yahoo News, or the Wall Street Journal. We will make sure that, in addition to the press release, the media will get enough information on the story, such as presentations, research documents or quotes. As a result of our efforts, not only that you will get your message out to the right people, but they will start conversations about your company or products as well.

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Media Relations:

If you launched a new product or service, but the media didn’t cover it, did it really happen?

In a world of breaking news and viral videos, the way media covers a story has changed. Yet far too many businesses just sit and wait for reporters to notice them or to write an article about what they are doing.

This mismatch is what made us focus on building strong relationships with the media. With BenterMedia, you can be sure your message will get in front of the right people. We will make every piece of news about your company as attractive as possible and present it in many different ways, from press releases to blog posts and guest content. With our help, journalists from important outlets will write a business article featuring your company, will interview you or review your products or services.

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